Stage 3+ Harley Audio System Installed


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We all know how much the factory audio system sucks, Whether you cruising down the motorway or have loud pipes, this audio upgrade will make your tunes louder and clear even at high speeds without changing the looks of your bike.


This upgrade will give you extra bass from the 8 Inch Mid Woofers.

  • 4x   Ground Zero  Weatherproof  Speakers
  • 6.5’s Fairing Speakers 250watts
  • 6×9’s Saddlebag Speakers 300watts
  • 2x Tunex Audio 8 Inch Midbass Drivers
  • 1x HKI MINI DSP 8ch
  • Saddlebag Cutout Kits   (These kits will allow you to mount 6×9 speakers on your factory Saddlebag Lids.)
  • 2x SounDigital 800.4 EVOX2 Mini 800 Watt Amplifier (Mounted behind the Fairing)
  • Pure OFC 8 Gauge Wiring Kit
  • Installation and Tuning is done at our Workshop in Otahuhu.
  • SoundStream  Carplay Headunit is also Available *OPTIONAL*





*NOTE*: We will Flash the Factory GT / GTS Harley Radio to Flatten the EQ curve, it’ll change the stereo’s Equalization which comes from the factory.



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